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Special Male Treatments

Fortunately more and more men are now realising the value of spa treatments for de-stressing, energising, pampering and grooming. Although the most of the treatments offered throughout this Menu are suitable for both and men and women we thought it might be helpful to highlight some of the therapies particularly geared to the needs of our male guests.

Decleor Men’s Facial 55 mins €75
Incorporating a relaxing back massage this facial includes a deep cleansing routine and the use of toning and nourishing products expressly created for men.

Manoa 55 mins €70
Cleanse and exfoliation to remove impurities followed by a quenching facial mask to re-hydrate the skin.

Indian Head Massage 25 mins €35
Effective for stress and tension headaches and those who spend long periods driving or using computers.

Power Massage 55 mins €65
A deep tissue full body massage to improve circulation and ease tired and tense muscles.

Samunprai – Signnature Hot Herbal Poutice 85mins €105
Ease away tension whilst enjoying this unforgettable traditional Thai treatment.

Executive Manicure 25 mins €35
Well-groomed hands and nails put the finishing touch to a successful man’s appearance.

Sports Pedicure 25 mins €37
A pampering and nourishing foot and nail treatment.

Depilatory Waxing On quotation
To effectively remove unwanted hair from specific parts of the body such as backs and arms – your needs can be discussed with a member of our Appointment Team.

CaraCala Body Treatments (including a variety of massage therapies)

All the massages and specialist body treatments detailed below are suitable for both men and women.

Rasul (minimum 2 people) 45 mins €30 (per person)
Share this totally enjoyable and fun Arab custom of bathing with friends and family. After applying therapeutic muds to your face and body relax in the warm, steamy and fragranced atmosphere of the exotic Rasul chamber on heated ceramic seats. The ceremony ends with a tropical rain shower and the application of the nourishing oils, leaving your skin deeply cleansed, nourished and beautifully smooth.

Vichy Power Shower (+ Excellent when combined with a scrub or envelopment)
20mins €25+
Whilst u lay and relax warm water jets will massage and refresh you, soothing and revitalising tired muscles.

Dry Floatation Envelopment 20 mins+ €25+
Cocooned and dry, but suspended in a warm water wrap, this is a superb way for your mind and body to totally relax. This Envelopment treatment, when combined with therapeutic products, is particularly effective as the warmth and gentle pressure aids the absorption of the product ingredients. Soft candlelight, soothing music and delightful aromatherapy oil fragrances complete the experience.

Cleopatra 40mins €50
Aloe Vera with Goat’s Butter is wonderful for deeply moisturising the skin and improving its elasticity.

Moor Mud 40mins €52
This is a very healing treatment for the skin as well as excellent for soothiung tense muscles or aching joints.

Laminaria 40mins €55
This seaweed based product, from the coast of Brittany, has a purifying and detoxing effect, which can successfully impact on cellulite.

Swedish Massage 55 mins €65
Traditional European style body massage

Back Neck & Shoulder Massage 25 mins €35
A localised treatment for commonly tense areas.



Renovateur Lift Fermete-Anti age 100 mins €165
Combining massage, exclusive ‘Pro Lift’ technology and Carita’s exceptional ‘Progressif’ skin care products, with anti-aging properties and lifting techniques to produce a remarkable difference even after just one treatment.

Renovateur Hydration Intense 85 mins €125
Cleansing, exfoliation and the exclusive ‘Pro-Lift’ technique provide intensive moisturisation for dehydrated skin. Fine lines are smoothed and the skin’s natural moisture balance is restored, giving a new radiance and vibrancy.

Renovateur Douceur Extreme 85 mins €125
A combination of products and treatments that will soothe sensitive skin beyond recognition and ultimately delay the signs of aging.


Revitailising Stone Therapy 85 mins €125
This divine and energising treatment induces utter relaxation and completely erases signs of tension. Treating the body as a whole, you will feel a genuine magical synergy between the hands of the therapist and the energy given off from the warm volcanic pebbles.

Revitalising Slimming and Shaping 85 mins €125
The skin is prepared to absorb the active ingredients by a gentle exfoliation with Renovateur. The entire body is then covered with luscious foam, rich in slimming ingredients and essential minerals. Whilst these do their work, you receive a delightful foot massage to prepare for drainage. Minerale amincissante is applied with pro-lifting for specific shaping; drains, tones and sculpts the body. Finally a high-energy manual massage helps eliminate toxins for a superb slimming result.

Renovateur Radiance – Anti-age (without pro-lifting) 85 mins €125
Enjoy the Carita spirit combined with Swedish and lymphatic massage for deep and intensive results – ideal for those seeking a holistic hands-on approach.



All facials for our male and female guests begin with a diagnostic back massage, unique to Decléor. This deeply relaxing massages enables the therapist to make a diagnosis of the skin and overall wellbeing in order to provide each guest with the treatment most suited to his or her needs.

Aromaplastie (all skin types) 55mins €75

Regulating (Combination and Oily Skincare) 70 mins €95

Nutri-Soin (Dry, Dehydrated Skincare) 70 mins €95

Extreme Harmony (Sensetive Skincare) 70 mins €95

Evidence (Anti-ageing Skincare) 70 mins €105

Enclaircissant (Whitening) 70 mins €90

Vital Eyes (can be combined with all facials) 40 mins €60


Using individually prescribed products to treat the specific needs of our male and female guests, the Decleor body therapies are designed to soothe away mental and physical tension, cleanse and nourish the skin, improve circulation and restore energy.

‘Spa Mosaic’ Aroma Envelopment 55 mins €75
Experience the complete escapism of these luxurious aromatherapy body treatments. Cocooned in a heated blanket, the benefits of the individual masks are maximised. Select from Detox, Relax, Tone or Energise.

‘Magic of the Land’ 115 mins €145
A LA Cala Spa ‘Signature Treatment’. This totally pampering experience is a treat from top to toe leaving you with an over-whelming feeling of tranquillity and well being

Perfect Contour 55 mins €85
Suited to all skin types this powerful treatment is specifically designed to target key area such as hips, thighs, bottom and stomach. The combination of anti-cellulite massage and marine products breaks down fatty tissue, drains way toxins and reduces water retention and cellulite.

Perfect Bust
This intensive firming treatment incorporates specialised products to stimulate cell renewal, also strengthen and restructure collagen fibres enabling the skin to regain its firmness and elasticity.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage 25mins €35
Specific area are treated with a gentle stroking massage, to stimulate toxin and fluid elimination.

Beautiful Backs 40mins €65
A unique diagnostic massage combined with deep cleansing as well as purifying and balancing essential oils to decongest, hydrate and restore clarity to this important area, where the skin condition is easy to neglect.

Reflexology Foot Massage 25mins €35 The art of accessing the healing powers of the feet using specialised massage techniques to both relax and rejuvenate the whole body.

Indian Head Massage 25mins €35
Effective for stress and tension headaches and for those who spend long periods driving or using computers.

Physiotherapy Massage 25mins €45 55mins €75
To treat a wide range of muscular and skeletal disorders including sports injuries. A course of treatments is usually recommended.

Turkish Style Body Scrub & Soap Massage 25mins €35
A superb all over body massage with loofah and lathered soap, to leave you feeling cleansed, refreshed and invigorated.

‘Spa Mosaic’ Aromatic Massage 55mins €75
This exquisite treatment combines unique oriental massage techniques with Decleor’s warm Aromatic Massage Balms to offer a personally prescribed treatment tailored to your individual needs. Your therapist can advise which specific blend 100% natural essential oils are perfect for you.

Detox :Rosemary, Patchouli & lemongrass target fatty areas, eliminate toxins, reduce water retention & refine skin texture.

Relax: The refreshing, yet calming vapours of sandalwood & frankincense melt away mental and physical tension.

Tone: Regenerative lemongrass, mint and rosewood simultaneously relax & revitalise leaving skin soft, smooth and toned.

Energise: Cypress, lemon and lavender ease tight, aching muscles and leave you looking and feeling revitalised.

Mother to be

All women who are expecting a baby have a special radiance. This is also a time when mothers-to-be need nurturing, a little pampering and some professional care for their skin and to melt away physical tension. La Cala have created a programme for the face and body, which specifically caters to the needs of all mothers-to-be and lends a comforting hand before and after giving birth to your baby.

Hydrotherm Holistic Massage 25 mins €25 55 mins €75
A very comfortable way to receive a massage whilst lying face up on a specially designed warm water pillow.

Feather-like Kegs for the Mother-to-be 55 mins €75
The perfect antidote for tired, aching and heavy legs, this instantly refreshing treatment will immediately eliminate swelling in the lower legs and feet, relieve muscle tension, improve circulation and revitalise skin texture.

Top to Toe 85mins €95
A complete face and body treatment offering a carefully tailored programme of safe, effective and relaxing treatments that meet your specific needs – it helps prevent the appearance of stretch marks, reduces water retention, restores comfort to aching legs and re-balances pigmentation and complexion problems.

Additional Suitable Treatments
Other treatments in this menu suitable for mothers-to-be include: Facials, Vital Eyes, Back Neck & Shoulder massage, Indian Head Massage, Perfect Contour, Perfect Bust, Manicure, Pedicure and full range of Grooming Treatments and Hair services.

All treatments are subject to availability. For hotel residents we recommend booking prior to arrival.


Rasayana – Eternity Body Booster 85 mins €98
A youth boosting treatment using Thai white clay with green tea body wrap.

Nuat Namman – Relaxing 85 mins €95
An Asian aromatherapy massage using lemongrass and organe essential oils that will embark your body and mind on a journey of ultimate relaxation and wellness

Nuat Namman – Energising 85 mins €95
An Asian aromatherapy massage using mandarin and peppermint essential oils to ease away tension and revitalise you.

Samunprai – Signature Hot Poultice 85 mins €105
Feet are bathed with lemongreass, followed by Pranayama breathing prior to Thai style stretching of the body. Hoit herbal poultices are then combined with the energising aromatherapy massage. Ideal for golfers and those with fatigued muscles.

Samsara – Purifying Salt Scrub 40 mins €50
This exceptional body exfoliation and skin softening combines sea salts from the Andaman Sea and a purifying body oil of cajuput and ptit grain to leave the skin fresh, smooth and nourished.

Manoa – Face and Head Treatment for Men 55 min €70
Cleanse and exfoliation to remove impurities followed by a quenching facial mask to re-hydrate the skin.

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